5 Advantages of Electric Hot Water Systems

5 Advantages of Electric Hot Water Systems

29 January 2020
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The vast majority of homes heat their water using either a gas or an electric hot water system. Each type of system has its own advantages and disadvantages, but some experts think that electric hot water systems are the best option in the long run. Here are five advantages of electric hot water systems to consider.

1. Safe

For many families, the biggest benefit of an electric hot water system is that it presents no risk of a gas leak. Natural gas is highly flammable, which means that there is a risk of explosion if it leaks. Gas hot water systems can also produce carbon monoxide, a poisonous gas, if the gas does not have access to enough oxygen as it burns.

When you use an electric hot water system, you do not need to install a carbon monoxide monitor in your home or worry about explosions caused by gas leaks. Electric hot water systems are fitted with circuit breakers, which shut off the system's power supply in case of an electrical malfunction.

2. Compact

If you choose a tankless electric hot water system, you could free up a lot of space in your home. This type of hot water system heats water on demand rather than storing hot water in a bulky tank. It is the ideal choice if your home is small or you have limited storage space.

3. Easy to Maintain

Gas hot water systems require annual servicing to ensure they are operating safely. In contrast, an electric hot water system can work well for many years without any maintenance. If your busy schedule makes it difficult to wait around for service professionals to come and check your water heater, an electric hot water system might be better for you.

4. Can Be Eco-Friendly

Burning gas to heat water produces carbon dioxide, a greenhouse gas. Using electricity to heat water does not directly produce any greenhouse gases. If you use electricity from renewable sources, such as wind, solar, or hydroelectric energy, to power your electric hot water system, it can be a very eco-friendly option.

5. Predictable Pricing

The price of natural gas depends on a huge range of factors, including global politics and the supply of gas worldwide. Electricity is usually generated within the same country where it is used, which means its prices are likely to be more stable, particularly as countries are moving toward using renewable sources of energy instead of purchasing fossil fuels for electricity generation.

To learn more about electric hot water systems, contact a plumber.