How an Emergency Plumber in Australia Can Help with Emergencies

How an Emergency Plumber in Australia Can Help with Emergencies

29 January 2020
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Plumbing emergencies can be among the most inconvenient issues for your home or business. The common underlying issue with such emergencies is that they need to be taken care of in a short amount of time or else they could render your facilities unusable. The good news is that a reputable emergency plumbing service in Australia can help you repair common emergencies and restore the functions of your plumbing infrastructure.

What an emergency plumber can do for you

When you call for emergency residential plumbing in Australia, they will provide any of the following services.

1.    Unclogging bathroom and kitchen drains

Among the most common plumbing emergencies are clogged bathroom and kitchen drains. When these drains get clogged, they can render your kitchen sink, bathroom sink and shower unusable.

Clogs are regularly caused by food debris, grease, oil, and other chemicals that may be present in food products or cleaning agents. Plumbers have the tools necessary to expel these clogging agents from your pipes and to allow water to flow down the drain.

2.    Fixing gas lines

Gas leaks, though rare, can occur in different parts of the home. If you notice the smell of gas in or around your property, you could be experiencing a gas leak. An emergency plumber in Australia may be able to inspect your gas lines and identify any potential leaks. 

3.    Fixing water heaters

Plumbers are also able to address issues concerning the lack of hot water in the home. Broken water heaters, leaking pipes, and damaged faucets can all be fixed by an emergency plumber.

4.    Unclogging sewers

The sewer system that leads from your home to the main city supply can get clogged by grease, debris and other foreign items that may have made their way down the drain.

A specialist can examine your main sewer line and identify what is causing the clogging. They can also get rid of the clog and prevent sewage water from backing up into your home.

How a specialist can help at unclogging your blocked drains

One of the most annoying plumbing emergencies is blocked drains. Luckily, a professional is experienced in identifying and removing blockages in your drains. When you call them with this issue, they can resolve the problem in any of the following ways.

1. Use of chemical cleaners

When your pipes are blocked from the interior, the debris may need to be dissolved and washed away from the blocked area. The plumber can introduce chemical cleaners into your pipes to dissolve the debris. In addition, licensed plumbers are aware of the right mixtures of chemicals to use in order to properly clean out the blocking materials.

2. Use of a power auger

A plumber also uses power augers to physically remove blockages from drains. This electrical device provides physical force within the pipe to upset debris that has settled within the drainage system. Breaking up the debris can allow it to be washed away in smaller chunks.

To learn more, contact an emergency plumber.