The Hot Water Dilemma

The Hot Water Dilemma

29 January 2020
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Hot water is a necessity for almost every home in Australia. From taking showers to washing clothes, you need a reliable and consistent hot water supply at all times. Your hot water system is the mechanism responsible for delivering hot water on demand. This mechanism consists of a tank (unless it's a tankless design), pipes, a heating element and a thermostat that regulates hot water. Each component of your system needs to function correctly for you to get hot water when needed.

Is it time for a new hot water system? The first question you should ask yourself is whether you've been experiencing hot water issues in your home. Some of the most common hot water issues include the following.

1. Not enough hot water

It can be frustrating to have your hot water supply frequently running out. If your showers get cold or your laundry doesn't get clean, you may have an issue with the heating element (or burner) of your hot water system. The exact problem will vary between electric and gas hot water heaters. Your hot water tank may also be undersized, causing you to run out of hot water after a short period of use.

The good news is that you can call a plumber to inspect your hot water supply and determine the best solution for your home. The plumber may recommend installing a new system entirely or repairing a damaged heating element to restore the hot water supply.

2. Leaks

Leaks in the residential hot water supply are also a common problem that homeowners experience. You can tell if your hot water tank is leaking if you notice pools of water under the tank itself, unusually low water pressure from hot water faucets, lack of enough hot water at any given time and unusually high utility bills.

Detecting and correcting leaks in the hot water supply is critical. This is why a plumbing service is at the forefront of helping homeowners identify such issues before the problem becomes worse.

3. Inconsistent hot water temperature

Another frustrating problem with hot water systems is inconsistent temperatures. If you can barely enjoy a hot shower without experiencing bursts of cold-water in-between, your thermostat may be damaged. The thermostat is responsible for regulating hot water temperatures in your home. If this unit is old or poorly maintained, it may need replacement to address inconsistent temperatures. Furthermore, you should consider matching your faucet sizes, showerheads and kitchen appliances to the capacity of your hot water system.

To learn more about when hot water systems may need repairs or upgrades, contact a plumber.