Noises that Indicate your Hot Water System has a Problem

Noises that Indicate your Hot Water System has a Problem

30 January 2020
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By design, most hot water systems in homes are not the quietest of machines, and you can confirm this by listening to the unit in your home closely. You will hear some noise, which is normal during the unit's operations. However, homeowners should be careful because it is human nature to get used to certain sounds and fail to notice strange noises. This is precisely what most homeowners experience, and it often leads to the dismissing of noises that indicate potential problems with the hot water unit. This article highlights hot water unit noises that homeowners should not dismiss.

Fizzling Sounds — Here is an experiment. Place an empty pan on your stove and wait for it to heat up then pour a little water in. You will hear a distinctive fizzling sound characteristic of bottled soda. If you hear fizzling sound coming from your hot water system, then that is a clear sign of possible leaks. However, you can only be sure if you listen for an extended time because the mere fizzling sound could be condensed water dripping on a hot surface. If the fizzling lasts for a few days, then you might be dealing with a leaking hot water system. It could also mean that a valve is not tight enough and needs repair.

Rumbling — Sediment is an enemy to your hot water system; therefore, you should avoid its accumulation at all costs. It forces the system to use a lot of energy in heating the water. However, the amount of sediment in your tank will depend on the quality of water running through your system. When a tank has excess sediment or scale build-up, it will tend to make rumbling or crackling noises. The crackling noise is caused when the hard sediment expands and contracts in the presence of heat. The solution to this problem is to drain and flush the water tank completely. This will eliminate the sediment and prevent potential leaks.

Ticking Noise — The hot water pipes that come from your hot water tank are made of metal and held in place with strapping to prevent them from clunking against each other. However, when these straps become loose, then it is highly unlikely that you will miss the ticking noise. You can correct this by tightening the straps or placing plastic spacers between the straps. If the ticking does not originate from the loose straps, then you might want to look at the system's water pressure.