3 Tell-Tale Signs Your Sump Pump Requires Emergency Repair Service

3 Tell-Tale Signs Your Sump Pump Requires Emergency Repair Service

31 January 2020
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A sump pump works to keep water out of your basement. Like any other mechanical equipment, the pump's efficiency will gradually diminish over time. This can cause water to flood into your basement. If you neglect maintenance on your sump pump, the pump may fail prematurely and your building may suffer costly water damage. Plus, the water can encourage the growth of mould and mildew in your home, compromising the health of your family. 

Watching out for signs of sump pump trouble and performing the necessary repair work early enough is vital to keep the pump working properly for a long time. Here are some common indications your sump pump needs checking and repair.

1. Your sump pump becomes louder during operation.

It's perfectly normal for sump pumps to make some sounds when in operation. However, when the sounds become exceedingly noisy, you should get worried. Not only are rattling and grinding sounds a nuisance to the ears but they also may signify serious issues with your sump pump motor. 

Be sure to have an expert check it out. It is important to note that your motor can be repaired or replaced without necessarily replacing the whole pump system.

2. Your sump pump runs continuously.

When your sump pump continuously runs, it could be that it is struggling to discharge the volume of water. If left to run this way, your sump pump motor may simply break. It is important to have an expert check out your sump pump for repairs immediately. 

The issue may be something as trivial as the wrong positioning of the float switch. By simply adjusting the float switch, you may be able to get your sump pump working normally again.

3. Your sump pump is clogged.

If your pump is left to operate unlidded, it will catch some debris at the pit. Over time, this will cause the pump to get clogged. The float switch is also likely to get jammed. When your sump pump is clogged, it will function inefficiently and, sometimes, it will completely fail to discharge water from your basement. 

To avoid clogging of the sump pump, it is necessary to have a lid fitted on the pit to keep dirt and debris from getting trapped in it.

If your basement is prone to flooding, the importance of a well-functioning sump pump cannot be over-emphasised. If your pump is showing signs of damage, you need to have a plumber check it out and perform the necessary repair work.