Reasons to Consider Heel-Proof Grates for Your Food Truck

Reasons to Consider Heel-Proof Grates for Your Food Truck

5 February 2020
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Owning and operating a food truck is a dream that many chefs have. When you begin outfitting that truck, one of the aspects you will need to consider are stainless steel floor wastes. These grates come in many forms, but one you will hear about are heel-proof grates. Before you overlook this option, here are a few reasons you should have them installed.


One of the leading reasons to choose a heel-proof floor waste grate is to cut down on tripping. The catch-proof ability these grates offer means that your shoe and heel will not skid or become stuck when moving around in the confined area of a food truck. This provides a smoother surface for your foot and for when you may need to make quick adjustments to reach items on the food prep area or delivery area. 

Seamless Integration

When you are operating a food truck, you will need to consider how each part of the truck integrates with the truck as a whole. You need to know that each part fits, works and gives you the smoothest integration possible for the safest work area possible. That means making sure the flooring is safe, smooth and seamless. Though most floor wastes are flat and flush to the surface, a heel-proof grate will be totally seamless. You will not have corners that are raised. The entire grate will be integrated for a flat flooring surface.


You need a slip-proof floor, but you also need a slip-proof grate. If the grate is not slip-proof, you can find yourself slipping and falling on that small space. When you have a food truck, that means you are in an even smaller space that can cause you to hurt yourself worse. Most of the heel-proof grates are slip-proof and can be outfitted with a topcoat that gives even more slip-proof ability. This gives your food truck safety as well as a sanitary area for the wastes collected during the day. 

When you are ready to order your stainless steel floor wastes, ask about the heel-proof options. The sales team can offer you options, discuss designs and help you with the different installation options available to you. They can also answer questions about pricing and any additional fees you need to consider. If you need special installation services, consider asking your grate dealer for options. 

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