Do Not Overlook These Signs of Blocked Drains

Do Not Overlook These Signs of Blocked Drains

16 June 2020
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Many people do not think about the drains in their homes or businesses until a major problem arises. Paying attention to your pipes can help prevent a messy situation. Drain blockages build up over time, and it is critical to detect them early. That will prevent serious blockages that are costly to handle. Understanding the common signs of a blocked drain can help you get ahead of the problem.

A Stinky Smell

The most unpleasant sign of a drain issue is the smells that come from it. A blocked drain produces foul odours. Most blockages occur as a result of food and debris stuck in the pipes. Once these elements start decomposing, they produce bad odours. Turning the tap on will only make the problem worse. Thus, the best thing is to call in expert plumbers to clean your drains.

If the stinky smell persists after cleaning the pipes, you may have a collapsed pipe. The experts will conduct a drain survey to find out which areas are affected. That way, these professionals can fix the issue within no time.

An Unusual Noise

The first sign of a blocked drain you will likely experience is a gurgling sound. The sound can come from a running tap or when flushing the toilet. A gurgle in the pipes means that there is air trapped in the plumbing unit. Gurgling drains could also be a result of food and oil build-up. Sometimes the drain cleaner will not remove all the food deposits. Thus, you will need to call in the experts. 

Professional plumbers use power tools that can clear out any clog in the plumbing. These experts will also find out if there is further damage to the pipes and fix them. Ignoring a gurgling sound could sometimes lead to sewer back-up. 

Slow Drainage

Another sign you should not ignore is when water in your sink or shower drains slowly. In worse situations, the water may not drain at all. Slow drainage is an early sign of blocked pipes. That mostly happens due to constrictions in the pipe caused by grime and soap. The blockage will prevent the water from passing through as usual. The water will have to filter through the dirt, affecting how the fast it drains. Dealing with a slow drain early enough will prevent more problems.


Once you notice these signs of blocked drains, call in a professional plumber. These experts respond fast and will work to find the cause of the problem. Problems with blocked drains can escalate at the most inconvenient times. Therefore, it is best to handle them before they worsen.