3 Types of Hot Water Systems For Your Home

3 Types of Hot Water Systems For Your Home

6 August 2020
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When considering hot water installation, you should consider carefully which type of system would be most beneficial for your home. Here are three main varieties of hot water systems, along with the advantages and disadvantages of each.

1. Storage Tank Hot Water Systems

Storage tanks are most common in older homes, but it is possible to install one in a modern home too. They hold water that has been heated by an electric or gas water heater until you are ready to use it for bathing, washing or cleaning.

The biggest benefit of a hot water system that incorporates a tank is that it can provide enough hot water to meet several demands at once, whereas on-demand systems may struggle if two people try to take showers at the same time. One disadvantage is that the tank occupies a large area, which is inconvenient if you live in a small home.

To make a storage tank system as efficient as possible, you must wrap the tank in insulation. An insulating water tank jacket prevents heat loss from the tank, which means that your water stays hotter for longer and less energy is wasted.

2. On-Demand Hot Water Systems

Many modern homes do not have a storage tank. Instead, they use a hot water system that heats water when someone turns on a hot water tap.

With this kind of system, there is no need to wait for the water stored in the tank to gradually heat to the correct temperature — you will always have hot water when you need it. Another advantage is that there is no energy loss from hot water cooling down, as the water is used as soon as it is heated.

The main disadvantage of an on-demand hot water system is that installation is more expensive. However, the costs could be worthwhile as you could save money on fuel in the long run.

3. Condensing Gas Hot Water Systems

You can only install a condensing hot water system if you use gas to heat your home. This type of system heats water using the hot air that is vented from the gas furnace and holds it in a tank so that it is there when you need to use it.

A condensing gas hot water system can save you a lot of money, as it takes advantage of energy that would otherwise be wasted. However, it has the same disadvantages as storage tank hot water systems do.

To learn more, contact a hot water installation contractor.