How to Detect an Underground Leak Along Your Water Main

How to Detect an Underground Leak Along Your Water Main

27 August 2020
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Locating a water leak inside your home is pretty easy. You can feel damp walls and see water pooling on the floors and around your sinks. However, detecting an underground leak along your water main is a difficult task. The location of the pipe outside your home makes it almost impossible to notice a leak. Unfortunately, leaks along the main are equally as harmful as indoor leaks. This is why you need to identify and fix them immediately. Below are the main signs to look for.

Unexplainable Wet Areas in Your Yard

Are there portions of your garden that feel wet even though you haven't watered them? This is usually a sign of a leaking water main, especially if the pipe passes through the specific part of the yard. If left unattended for a long period, wet areas can form sinkholes, which can be dangerous to your kids and pets. What's more, they can also cause root rot due to excess moisture in the ground. Thus, it's crucial to fix the leak immediately.

Low Water Pressure in Your Home

Are you experiencing low water pressure in your home? If so, one of your pipes could be leaking. In the case of indoor plumbing, you may notice wet spots on the walls and around plumbing fixtures. However, if the leak is along the water main, you may not detect it immediately. A leaking main pipe means some of the water will drain into the soil instead of flowing into your home. A large leak also allows soil into the pipe, and this can cause blockage, which further worsens the pressure issues. To restore the proper water pressure, you have to fix and unclog the mainline.

Higher Water Bill With No Consumption Changes

Every household has a predictable monthly or annual water bill. If you haven't increased your consumption, your water bill should be within the same range every month. If you suddenly notice a spike without a corresponding increase in consumption, it could signal a leak in your water main. Whether your faucets are open or not, some water will be getting consumed through the leaking pipe.

Cracks in the Foundation

Long-term leaks that go undetected in the water main can cause expensive damage to your foundation. The water soaks the soil around the foundation and causes it to settle. This can, in turn, cause the foundation to settle on one side and crack. Foundation cracks are evidenced by other problems such as cracked walls and floors and sticking doors and windows. Before you address the foundation issues, you have to repair the faulty water main.

Your water main is installed out of reach, and this means that leaks can go unnoticed. Contact a water line repair service for leak detection and repairs if you notice the above issues.