Renovating Your Bathroom? Pro Tips for Greater Comfort, Appeal and Energy Efficiency

Renovating Your Bathroom? Pro Tips for Greater Comfort, Appeal and Energy Efficiency

1 March 2021
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Are you planning to renovate your bathroom into the oasis of your dreams? Other than improving the value of your home, bathroom improvements also add value to your life. That said, you want to make the best decisions for the long term to transform a functional space into a relaxing getaway. A major remodel that involves replacing older appliances, flooring, lighting, and other permanent fixtures is essential for improved comfort in a home you already love. 

Here are some tips for your bathroom renovation that can make your area more comfortable and help ease the renovation process. 

Be Clever With Your Layout

Perhaps the most important and least glamorous considerations in a bathroom remodel is considering the current drain and water lines. This is because your water lines' configuration dictates important fixtures' placement, especially if you don't want to move any plumbing. Keep in mind that while a qualified plumber can move or install new water lines, some pipes relocations can prove difficult, and the task can increase the cost. 

Also, unlike other water lines, your drain system depends on gravity to work effectively. It will dictate the positioning of your dream whirlpool tub, that big sink with a mirror, or the luxurious high-end steam shower. 

Choose Energy-Efficient Fixtures 

Renovating your bathroom may also call for new energy-efficient fixtures that could involve a new hot water installation, water-saving showerhead, low-flow toilet, insulation, energy-efficient lighting, and more.  If your water heater is more than 10 years old, your bathroom is due for a new upgrade to avoid high energy bills, leaks, underperformance, or worse, lack of hot water! 

The amazing new tab or showerheads you are installing will need an adequate supply of hot water perfect for luxurious steamy showers and relaxing baths. A new and modern hot water installation is always more efficient and cost-effective, seeing that it comes with temperate regulating technology that aids in reducing energy consumption without compromising your comfort. 

Leave the Job to the Pros 

Whether you are planning a modest remodel or a major gut renovation, a good rule of thumb is to leave the job to the experts to get it done right. Renovating the bathroom yourself can create plumbing inefficiencies that are likely to prolong the whole process or cost you more in the long run. Plumbers work well with designers and electricians for a seamless bathroom renovation that will have you leave you with a luxurious home spa for a bathroom.