3 Common Issues Detected During Drain Camera Inspections

3 Common Issues Detected During Drain Camera Inspections

19 April 2021
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As a part of a proactive approach to dealing with residential plumbing issues that may arise at some or another, you should get your residential drains regularly inspected to help identify and eliminate issues that may lead to bigger problems if they go unnoticed for too long.

These days, plumbers heavily rely on advanced, waterproof cameras to see inside your drains and identify problems they could only have guessed without the cameras. A long, flexible cable with a powerful camera and light source attached to it is guided through the drains to get a real-time look at their condition. This allows plumbers to know the exact location and severity of problems that exist within the drains.

Here are some of the common issues that plumbers often discover when they carry out camera drain pipe inspections.

Pipe corrosion

All drain pipes eventually deteriorate and will need to be replaced due to age. Corrosion damage is a common problem with copper pipes, galvanised steel pipes and other metal piping materials.

If you live in an older house with metal drains, a drain camera inspection can help to reveal the extent of corrosion in your drains, allowing you to plan for pipe replacement.

Offset pipe connections

Underground drain pipes are usually installed in segments. Over time, the pipes can become offset due to a variety of factors, including the natural process of ground movement and accidental puncturing when operating heavy construction equipment above them. This can result in various problems such as leaks and blockages.

A drain inspection with cameras can help identify the exact location of the disjointed pipes so you can know where to excavate in order to fix the pipes.

Root intrusion

Trees provide many benefits to people and the environment, but they can be detrimental to your drains. Trees get water and nutrients from the ground. As their roots spread out in search of an underground water source, they may end up rupturing your drains, resulting in leaks and blockages. Fortunately, a drain camera inspection can help pinpoint the exact location of root intrusion into your drains, making repairs easier and faster to perform.

Drain inspection with the aid of cameras makes it easier and faster to diagnose any problems that your drains may have. This allows for a prompt drain repair process, which will save you both time and money. Contact a plumber today to schedule a camera pipe inspection for your home.