When Heater Repairs Are No Longer Enough: 4 Signs You Need a New Hot Water System

When Heater Repairs Are No Longer Enough: 4 Signs You Need a New Hot Water System

2 August 2021
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Do you have an old water heater in your home? Have you carried out numerous repairs on the appliance? If so, it may be time to say goodbye to your old heater and invest in a new system. Since a water heater is a costly domestic investment, many people wait for the old unit to break down before buying a new one. However, this can be an inconvenience to households that rely heavily on heated water. Therefore, check out the following four signs you need a new water heater.

Inadequate hot water

There are two reasons your heater may not be producing enough hot water. First, the unit's components may be too old or worn, which leads to heater inefficiency. The system will take a long time to heat water to the pre-set temperatures, leading to an inadequate supply. Second, you may get insufficient hot water due to increased demand. For example, if your household has more people than it did when you bought the system, it may no longer meet your needs during peak usage times. You need a new water heater to access adequate hot water in your home. 

Metallic or brown water 

Tank water heaters have an anode rod that draws rust to itself and prevents the tank from corroding. Over time, the anode rod wears away, which reduces its ability to protect the tank from rust. Consequently, the tank corrodes from inside and contaminates the water with rust. If you notice that the hot water coming out of your taps or shower heads is brown or has a metallic taste, you may need a new heating system. Once the tank corrodes, it will break down further and lower the quality of heated water.

Leaking hot water tank

Hot water tanks can last for years without suffering leaks. However, once the tank develops a leak, no repairs can fix it. Leaks on a hot water tank occur due to severe corrosion and old age. Although leaks on the hot water plumbing components are fixable, those on the actual water tank are hard and almost impossible to fix. Therefore, the best option is to invest in a new water heater.

Persistent system inefficiencies

Is your current water heater no longer meeting your needs? Are your water heating bills rising every month? If so, consider investing in a new system. Although new hot water systems have high upfront costs, they are reliable and efficient. Also, you get the chance to explore newer options. These alternatives include tankless water heaters, which provide hot water on demand and generate significant energy savings.

Are you ready to ditch your old water heater for a new one? Contact a plumber for hot water system installation services.