How To Hire An Electrician

How To Hire An Electrician

3 February 2022
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Do you have an electrician's number on hand? Well, unlike other home repairs, electrical works are pretty risky. As such, they are best handled by professionals. Below is an excerpt discussing the considerations you should make when hiring electricians

Assess The Electrician's Expertise

The easiest way to determine an electrician's expertise is by examining customer reviews. For instance, you could check their website, social media pages and local home improvement blogs. Additionally, check their licence to determine what kind of work they can perform. For instance, a restricted electrical worker's licence allows the electrician to disconnect or reconnect low-voltage electrical equipment. Conversely, a supervised worker's licence enables the electrician to perform a wide range of electrical installation works under an experienced electrician's supervision. A registered electrical contractor's licence allows qualified electricians to work independently without any supervision. A registered contractor can employ electricians to work for them. 

Inquire About The Availability Of Emergency Services

An electrical emergency could occur in your home. For instance, a damaged junction box could short circuit your home's wiring, putting your home at risk of an electrical fire. If this happens at night, you might not have the patience to wait till morning for electrical repairs. Therefore, you should consider electricians who offer emergency services to their clients. The electrician's location and workforce will significantly determine the time it takes to respond to your emergency. For this reason, you should consider local electricians with several employees or close working relationships with other electricians. 

Insist On Insurance Coverage

Given the risk associated with electrical installation and repair works, you should always ensure that your electrician has adequate insurance coverage. For example, they could suffer a fall or get electrocuted while conducting electrical repairs. Besides, acts of negligence could damage your home's appliances or cause a fire. Insurance coverage protects you from compensation suits and reimburses you any damages you might suffer as a result of the electrician's negligence.  

Examine The Electrician's Pricing Policy 

Each electrician has a unique pricing policy. Nonetheless, it is easy to establish if the electrician is reasonably priced. Ask for their standard service fees to determine how much they charge. Additionally, read their terms and conditions to assess the extra costs you might incur. For instance, some electricians will charge more if you live outside their operating area or need repair services at night. The rule is that the electrician should give a warranty on the repair and installation works. Therefore, you do not incur additional costs if a problem reoccurs after repairs. 

When hiring an electrician, examine their expertise, availability of emergency services, insurance coverage and pricing policy.