Surefire Ways to Boost Your Water Heater’s Longevity (Plumber)

26 October 2020
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Have you installed the best water heater the market can offer so you are now assured of getting a sufficient supply of warm water? Making such an investment can truly make your life easier, especially during the cold months. However, even the sturdiest and most reliably built water heater can break down if it's not properly used or serviced regularly. For instance, the water may wear the tank, leading to leakages, or the heating components might grow dull and become ineffective, among other popular problems. Read More …

Your Guide To Tank-Type Hot Water System Repairs

13 October 2020
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Hot water systems are an essential component of daily comforts. They ensure you can have warm showers in the winter or run yourself a scalding bath when you're in need of relaxation. They are also effective at diffusing grease during the washing of utensils and pots, as hot water fragments the structure of oil-based bonds. However, it is likely your hot water system investment will not be a one-off expense; a few repairs and some partial replacements may be necessary along the way. Read More …

Reasons to Install an Inverter Heat Pump in Your Pool

24 September 2020
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A swimming pool sits there all year round, and it's a pity when you can't make use of it. Even on mild days, the water can be a touch too chilly to enjoy. Consider the following reasons to install an inverter pool heat pump. Extends Your Use of the Pool While you may not want to swim in the middle of winter, you might wish that you could extend the timeframe within which you can enjoy its benefits. Read More …

Less-Obvious Signs That Indicate a Hot Water System Needs Servicing

17 September 2020
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While a cold shower on a chilly early morning will not kill you, it can ruin your day. Therefore, it is advisable to watch out for telltale signs of possible faults in your hot water system. Since obvious signs are easy to notice, you should be worried about the less apparent signs. This article explores less-obvious signs that might indicate your hot water system needs servicing. Prolonged Heating It is common practice to let a hot shower run for a few seconds before walking in. Read More …

How to Detect an Underground Leak Along Your Water Main

27 August 2020
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Locating a water leak inside your home is pretty easy. You can feel damp walls and see water pooling on the floors and around your sinks. However, detecting an underground leak along your water main is a difficult task. The location of the pipe outside your home makes it almost impossible to notice a leak. Unfortunately, leaks along the main are equally as harmful as indoor leaks. This is why you need to identify and fix them immediately. Read More …