Important Things to Understand Before Installing Sprinkler Systems

Important Things to Understand Before Installing Sprinkler Systems

21 August 2020
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Everyone wishes to have a lush and manicured lawn. But how can you achieve that? Making sure your lawn gets the water it needs, especially during the hot months, is the best way to maintain a healthy landscape. However, the task of watering your yard every day can become a bore. 

With the different rainfall patterns and climate zones in Australia, you need to arm yourself sprinklers to maintain your lawn. There is not a one-size-fits-all sprinkler system for each garden. Therefore, you have to understand a few things before putting up sprinklers in your garden.

Each Garden Section Has Unique Needs

When putting up sprinklers, you have to understand that different parts of your landscape need different water levels. Areas that are exposed to more sunlight during the day will need more water than the shaded areas. Also, areas that are at the top of a slope will drain more water than lower sections. These are critical considerations when putting up sprinklers because they will influence the perfect spot to put up the sprinkler heads and the ideal flow rate for each head.

Some Areas Have Water Regulations

The market offers a wide range of sprinkler systems you can use. So, find out if there are specific recommendations of sprinklers in your jurisdiction or neighbourhood. For instance, local authorities may recommend using high-efficiency sprinklers that limit water wastage. Failing to consider the restrictions in your area could cost you a lot of time and money later. Therefore, you can avoid making the wrong choice by finding out the type of sprinkler systems you can use in your location.

You Should Inspect Underground Utilities

It is critical to find out about the underground utilities present in the yard before the installation process. That will guarantee your safety and is also a requirement by law. Some utilities are found just below the ground, and even a shallow dig could lead to severe consequences. The knowledge of the specific location of your underground utilities will prevent dangerous situations. It will help you reduce the chances of damages, service disruptions, or high repair costs.

A Permit May Be Necessary

Check if you need a permit to install sprinkler systems before you begin the project. Some areas do allow sprinkler installation without a permit or professional help. Additionally, it is good to know of any building codes in your neighbourhood. Such details will help you put up an efficient sprinkler that doesn't violate the regulations.

Sprinkler installation is not an easy project that you should handle alone. It is best to leave the work to professionals. The experts will take their time to plan, get the necessary permits, and test your unit after installation. Some specialists will also offer a warranty to protect you in case anything goes wrong.