Less-Obvious Signs That Indicate a Hot Water System Needs Servicing

Less-Obvious Signs That Indicate a Hot Water System Needs Servicing

17 September 2020
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While a cold shower on a chilly early morning will not kill you, it can ruin your day. Therefore, it is advisable to watch out for telltale signs of possible faults in your hot water system. Since obvious signs are easy to notice, you should be worried about the less apparent signs. This article explores less-obvious signs that might indicate your hot water system needs servicing.

Prolonged Heating

It is common practice to let a hot shower run for a few seconds before walking in. Some people brush their teeth first and only start bathing once the water is hot enough. However, this practice makes it difficult to ascertain how long water takes to heat. Ideally, a hot water system in optimal condition should spew hot water immediately you turn on a faucet. Therefore, if you do not get in the shower immediately, you will not notice possible delays in water heating. Consequently, it might delay the much-needed service to your water heater. For this reason, always take note of how long it takes before hot water leaves your showerhead. Any inconsistencies in heating times should cause worry. You need to call a hot water service to inspect your system and conduct the necessary maintenance or repair.

Noises Behind the Shower Wall 

Plumbing pipes are installed behind a bathroom wall and are usually run close to one another. Since they are metallic and carry both hot and cold water to your faucets, the pipes are bound to expand and contract. Therefore, the pies are bound to make some rattling sounds behind the walls. It is crucial to note that rattling sounds are normal for any hot water system. Unfortunately, the rattling might make it hard to distinguish between normal and abnormal operation of a hot water system. Nonetheless, distinguishing the different noises is essential for timely maintenance.

Insufficient Hot Water

The ability of a water heater to produce hot water on-demand is a sure sign of optimal performance. However, faults in a water heater might limit the availability of on-demand hot water. It can be difficult for a small family to notice such insufficiency immediately because low volumes of water are used at any given time. The best way to avoid missing this sign is to use a lot of hot water intentionally from time to time. It will help you to determine whether your hot water system needs servicing or not.