Why You Should Consider Upgrading Your Hot Water System To Gas

Why You Should Consider Upgrading Your Hot Water System To Gas

30 November 2021
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When it comes to water heating, there are two main options out there: electrical systems and gas systems. A lot of modern homes use electrical hot water units because they are very easy to install and can be cheaper initially. A lot of people also assume they are more modern, as the idea of gas being used in the home seems a little outdated. However, that is not true. Gas hot water heaters are exceptionally good at what they do and in many ways are superior to traditional electrical versions. Here are a few areas that highlight the benefits of gas hot water.


If you have a large household and know the pains of running out of hot water far too early in the day, then gas hot water should be a priority for you. Electrical hot water systems are fairly good at heating up hot water, but not if the tank has been completely emptied. Gas, on the other hand, is far quicker at heating up large quantities of water so that it is ready for you in a quicker turnaround no matter how many hot showers or washing machine loads you have to get done. As such, gas is generally more reliable a system than electrical heaters.

Ongoing Maintenance And Costs

All forms of water heating in Australia are pretty reliable, but that does not mean there are no differences in performance and cost over time. Gas hot water heaters are generally accepted to be cheaper to run in all states and territories, as electricity keeps rising in price and these systems are slightly less thermally efficient at heating. Electrical systems, particularly smaller ones, also have a tendency to stop working earlier on due to the big workload on smaller components. That might be why you are in your current predicament and is a good demonstration of why gas is more reliable over time.

Gas Is Not Worse For The Environment

A large portion of people assume that gas hot water heaters are exceptionally bad for the environment, but that is not really the case. Studies show that gas hot water heaters are actually better for the environment and cause less damage in carbon emissions. The gas itself is not released into the atmosphere at any point, it is mainly the effort of drawing that gas to your property that causes emissions, but even those are less than what is caused by electricity. 

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