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4 Warning Signs Your Radiators Need to be Bled

28 July 2022
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As you probably already know, most homes are kept warm by heating systems that circulate hot water from the boiler through the radiators. However, small air bubbles can get into that system over time. This can occasionally be due to water leaking out, but it's also something that happens naturally as the metal expands and contracts over time. Those small air bubbles shouldn't be a huge problem right away, but they can lead to oxidisation within your heating system and eventually need expensive boiler repairs. Read More …

Getting Your House Ready For Summer? 4 Areas You Need To Have Inspected By A Plumber

19 April 2022
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If you've just endured an unseasonably cold winter, now's the time to get your home ready for summer. Part of that preparation should involve a plumbing inspection, especially if the temperatures dipped into the freezing range this past winter. You might not realize this, but freezing temperatures can affect just about every component of your plumbing system. One way to avoid plumbing problems this summer is to schedule an inspection with your plumber. Read More …

How To Hire An Electrician

3 February 2022
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Do you have an electrician's number on hand? Well, unlike other home repairs, electrical works are pretty risky. As such, they are best handled by professionals. Below is an excerpt discussing the considerations you should make when hiring electricians.  Assess The Electrician's Expertise The easiest way to determine an electrician's expertise is by examining customer reviews. For instance, you could check their website, social media pages and local home improvement blogs. Read More …

Why You Should Consider Upgrading Your Hot Water System To Gas

30 November 2021
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When it comes to water heating, there are two main options out there: electrical systems and gas systems. A lot of modern homes use electrical hot water units because they are very easy to install and can be cheaper initially. A lot of people also assume they are more modern, as the idea of gas being used in the home seems a little outdated. However, that is not true. Gas hot water heaters are exceptionally good at what they do and in many ways are superior to traditional electrical versions. Read More …

Water Pumps Buying Guide

27 September 2021
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If you need to draw water from a well, drain a swimming pool or do anything else that involves using a water pump, it is important to get the right type of pump to suit your needs. Take a look at this buying guide to find the right pump for the job. Surface pumps Surface pumps are designed to pump water from relatively shallow depth. They are installed above the surface of water and draw up water through a suction hose. Read More …