Less-Obvious Signs That Indicate a Hot Water System Needs Servicing

17 September 2020
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While a cold shower on a chilly early morning will not kill you, it can ruin your day. Therefore, it is advisable to watch out for telltale signs of possible faults in your hot water system. Since obvious signs are easy to notice, you should be worried about the less apparent signs. This article explores less-obvious signs that might indicate your hot water system needs servicing. Prolonged Heating It is common practice to let a hot shower run for a few seconds before walking in. Read More …

How to Detect an Underground Leak Along Your Water Main

27 August 2020
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Locating a water leak inside your home is pretty easy. You can feel damp walls and see water pooling on the floors and around your sinks. However, detecting an underground leak along your water main is a difficult task. The location of the pipe outside your home makes it almost impossible to notice a leak. Unfortunately, leaks along the main are equally as harmful as indoor leaks. This is why you need to identify and fix them immediately. Read More …

Important Things to Understand Before Installing Sprinkler Systems

21 August 2020
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Everyone wishes to have a lush and manicured lawn. But how can you achieve that? Making sure your lawn gets the water it needs, especially during the hot months, is the best way to maintain a healthy landscape. However, the task of watering your yard every day can become a bore.  With the different rainfall patterns and climate zones in Australia, you need to arm yourself sprinklers to maintain your lawn. Read More …

3 Types of Hot Water Systems For Your Home

6 August 2020
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When considering hot water installation, you should consider carefully which type of system would be most beneficial for your home. Here are three main varieties of hot water systems, along with the advantages and disadvantages of each. 1. Storage Tank Hot Water Systems Storage tanks are most common in older homes, but it is possible to install one in a modern home too. They hold water that has been heated by an electric or gas water heater until you are ready to use it for bathing, washing or cleaning. Read More …

Before Buying a Water Pressure Pump, Consider These 4 Vital Aspects

16 July 2020
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Water pressure pumps are crucial for guaranteeing a steady supply of water throughout the home. Their pressure carries water out of the water tank to different faucets in the house. Most homeowners will generally rely on water pressure pumps to supply water for household needs or other gardening requirements.  When purchasing a water pump for your home, there are vital aspects to consider to make an informed decision. The Tank-to-Home Distance Read More …